About Us

The Oak Park Residence Corporation (OPRC) is a locally based, non-profit community development corporation that exists exclusively for charitable purposes.

Our primary mission is to promote Oak Park as a diverse and economically balanced community by providing high-quality multi-family rental housing at reasonable rates for households of all income levels.

Quality Multi-family Housing
We are committed to offering high-quality, well-maintained apartments, including in areas that may experience or have previously experienced higher rates of disinvestment and decline. We carry out our mission principally by acquiring multi-family buildings requiring rehabilitation and professional management. We restore them to assets that contribute to their neighborhoods by blending historic features with modern amenities.

Oak Park is one of the most successfully diverse municipalities in the U.S. We are committed to maintaining and improving racial diversity throughout Oak Park by creating housing opportunities for people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds and reversing historic patterns of segregation. We help to foster and encourage diversity throughout the community through extensive outreach, ensuring that people from all backgrounds know that they are welcomed in all OPRC buildings.

Integrated Affordability
We intentionally support economic integration at building, neighborhood, and village levels. Buildings and neighborhoods that include people from all economic backgrounds are more stable and inclusive, and provide better life outcomes for all. We are committed to fostering racial, social and economic diversity throughout Oak Park.

Our History

OPRC has been serving the Oak Park community for over 54 years. During that period we have acquired and rehabilitated more than 30 multi-family buildings. OPRC currently owns and manages 32 multi-family buildings containing nearly 700 units of rental housing. 

We partner with several organizations including the Village of Oak Park, The Oak Park Housing Authority, Oak Park Township, The Oak Park Regional Housing Center, Housing Forward, and others in addressing housing issues in Oak Park. Through our partnership with The Oak Park Housing Authority, OPRC provides housing for low-income seniors and individuals with disabilities in three buildings that receive federal rent subsidies. Among these buildings is an award-winning housing facility for senior residents and a building specially designed for mobility-impaired individuals.