This project will create the most significant net-zero multifamily housing development in the upper Midwest, a 44-unit building that will generate more energy than is consumed by both building and resident uses combined.

Supported as a mission driven investment, the project has received significant grant funding from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation (ICECF) and will serve as a model for future multifamily construction throughout Illinois and the Midwest. Overlooking beautiful Columbus Park, with views of the Chicago skyline, this transit oriented development (TOD) is just blocks from the CTA Blue Line and The Oak Park Arts District. Twenty percent of the building’s units will be preserved for individuals earning at or below 50% of area median income (AMI) while the remaining 80% will be rented at prevailing market rates. This mixed income concept, coupled with the building’s net-zero design, reflects OPRC’s commitment to developing economically diverse and sustainable housing as a model for our region.



Our Demolition Permit has been approved by the Village of Oak Park.

Demolition Activities began on 8/4/2022.  Those activities included:

  • Site Survey – property lines identified/marked (Completed)
  • No Parking Signs posted on Van Buren cul-de-sac. (Completed)
  • Alternative parking locations provided by VOP to those residents parking in Lot 25V (Completed)
  • Sawcut of Pavement/Concrete for installation of Construction Fence (Completed)
  • Construction Fence installation (Completed)
  • Onsite Vibration Monitoring Equipment installation (Completed)
  • Installation of a Rat Abatement Program (Completed)
  • Sewer and water cutoffs to 7 Van Buren Building (Completed)
  • Demolition Equipment mobilization (Completed)
  • Demolition of Building (Completed)


Construction Activities began on 9/13/2022. Those activities include:

  • Site work – ground preparation – Ongoing
  • Excavation – 9/27/22 – 10/3/22
  • Foundation/Footings – 10/5/22 -10/14/22


Our Project Plan was approved by the Oak Park Village Board on January 18, 2022 after a lengthy review process.

  • Historic Preservation Commission: August 18, 2020 Meeting Minutes
  • OPRC Neighborhood Zoom meeting: April 13, 2021 (Zoom recording of meeting to be posted)
  • 1st VOP Plan Commission meeting: October 7, 2021 Meeting Minutes
  • 2nd VOP Plan Commission meeting: November 4, 2021 Meeting Minutes
  • 3rd VOP Plan Commission meeting: December 2, 2021 Meeting Minutes
  • 4th VOP Plan Commission meeting: December 16, 2021 Meeting Minutes
  • Village of Oak Park Board meeting: January 18, 2022 Meeting Minutes